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Please take a moment and read what our community members have to say about us…

Stace Anderson

When I first came to Serenity Village I was 38 years old. I had spent 8 years as a full time drug addict. I was homeless, bouncing between friends houses and my mother’s house. I had just stumbled out of my 7th treatment/program. I had no idea how to live a normal life. Drugs and alcohol had been my career for many years. I quickly realized that I had found a place where people were happy. They genuinely loved each other and they loved me back to life. I had thought that my soul was dead, that I was beyond saving and that the best I could hope for in life was to die in a respectable way and even that seemed like a distant dream. Slowly over time, the teachings of Pastor Jeff began to penetrate my walls and sink down deep. My soul woke up. I started to make real friendships. God started working in my life. How has Serenity Village helped me? To say that Serenity Village saved my life seems like an understatement. I’ve learned that God has a plan for me and now my life has purpose. I was saved to save others.

Jacqueline and Nicholas Kasper

Nicholas and I know that everyone is different.  We have all faced tough decisions and have gone through difficult seasons which create platforms in which to relate to others. There is no such thing as a perfect person or perfect Christian. However, as imperfect as every human is, we have all experienced or encountered people or institutions who have tried to “squish’ us into a mold of their own, as if we were Play-Doh and had no other purpose. Maybe you can relate to us; we feared to tell the truth about our difficult situations in fear of rejection or the thought that no one could relate. Instead of sharing our struggles and letting God bring us people who could help us through, we hid away…we had no one we could relate to or share life with.

Since our time at SVCC, we have learned that no one is alone in their situation and no one is too deep in their troubles that God can’t reach them. God has helped humans through their difficulties from the beginning of time, and isn’t going to stop with us! He specifically tells us in the Bible that He designed each of us as “one-of-a-kind individuals” with unique plans and special purposes.

At SVCC, we have been celebrated as individuals with importance, yet are part of a tight community that cares about “the whole” as well as “the individual”. We are encouraged to grow in the things of God, celebrated in our achievements, but are quickly offered a helping hand when we mess up. We aren’t judged or squished into a mold. We are loved and we are encouraged to “be the best you God created you to be”. So if you’re thinking of giving SVCC a try, we hope you do!  And we hope that you feel the same unconditional, non-judgmental love we have felt from the first day we arrived, and every Sunday since.

Jacqueline and Nicholas Kasper

Kathy and Glen Sansburn

The genuine friendship, love and concern this church family has for one another are unlike anything we have experienced in a congregation before. Pastor Jeff, Monica and the entire leadership team serve God with such passion, and their love of the Lord is completely contagious! Pastor Jeff’s vast knowledge of the scripture and his God-given ability to preach it has drawn our entire family closer to God and we are excited to do more with our lives to serve God. We are so grateful to be a part of this amazing church!

Denise and Sam Greenwood

We were searching for a church to call home, and God blessed us tremendously by bringing us to Serenity Village Community Church. Our entire family, including our 5 children, look forward to church every Sunday. SVCC has become our family, and every time we walk through the doors we feel the love. A few of the reasons that we are planted at SVCC are the missions, the teachings and the atmosphere. Our church is in the business of helping others and sharing God’s love. Our family enjoys serving the Lord through serving meals at homeless shelters every week, volunteering at Feed My Starving Children, at nursing homes, handing out sandwiches in Minneapolis and even traveling to Haiti! Pastor Jeff and Monica are wonderful mentors and servants of the Lord. We encourage anyone searching for amazing praise & worship, fellowship and the Word of God to come visit SVCC.

Kathy and Jeff Beegle


We first attend Serenity Village Community Church (SVCC) in February, 2014. We had been steady church goers in a more traditional church community…but were really not involved. It was out of support for our son and his recovery process that we found our way to SVCC.

From the very first service, Pastor Jeff Hill touched us in a new way. We were excited, we came away refreshed and upbeat, we felt compelled to return…and since then, we have found new joy in actively participating in the SVCC mission.

It’s hard to explain what happened to us…we jumped into missions work, we pledged more of our income, we reached out and asked to be founders of a new music studio for church members…I would have to say that the Holy Spirit in us was released. Now our whole family attends, and we are finding new ways to serve God.

SVCC is an original and new experience for us (and we have been around a long time…read: grandparents). Some would probably call this a teaching church…we would call it a “learning” church. We have learned so much about ourselves, our relationship with God and how to serve others.

We would personally like to thank Pastor Jeff and Pastor Monica for accepting us into their church family. We feel blessed. Should you decide to attend our church and “learn” about us…please don’t be surprised if you receive a big ‘ol bear hug from our Pastors when you walk in…it will make your day (and maybe your life)!

Mike, Kris and Alyssa Kalmes

It was definitely God’s timing when my family and I were invited to Serenity Village Community Church. We had been looking for new church home at the time. The love and warmth we received immediately was overwhelming! And it was Real! The powerful teaching by Pastor Jeff will impact you and change your life.  The healing and restoration my family has experienced has been truly amazing. Attending Serenity Village Community Church has taught us to allow God into our lives like never before. We truly believe if you give SVCC a try, you will not be disappointed!!

Mark Thomas

For me, growing up in Chicago as a young black male was very hard.  My dad walked out on my family and I when I was only 4 years old, and after losing my football scholarship my senior year in HS, I dropped out of school and gave up on life. I decided to join the same gang that my uncle was a part of but he never told me all the things that came with being in a gang like selling drugs, jail, killing and betrayal.  I moved to MN in 2001 to try to change my life, but after receiving a phone call that my mother was dead, everything I learned in the streets came right back.  I ended up going to jail for the 1st time in my life, facing 78 months in prison but God had other plans for me.  I got released from jail and ended up going into treatment so that I could start working on my recovery.  God took me in His arms and gave me what I had been searching for my whole life – freedom, and a family who loved me for who I was.  After treatment, I was blessed to find the Serenity Village housing community where I was able to build my spiritual foundation with the help of my Pastor and spiritual brothers.  He also blessed me with SVCC as my home church where I finally felt comfortable being me.  My family at SVCC taught me how to love myself and others, and how to be a real leader.  Here, I’ve learned fellowship, loving, caring, giving and helping others.  God was always there showing me what I had to go through in order for me to find freedom, and support the vision of my church which I love so much.

Erik and Anita Brue

Being a part of Serenity Village Community Church has given us a place to develop into the people that God intended us to be.  The leadership, fellowship, sharing, praise, worship and love that SVCC has shown us is true to the mission statement.  Pastor Jeff uses many scriptures during his messages to explain God, and how to apply His teachings into today’s world.  As we develop our own spiritual growth, we are excited about spreading the message to others through service, mission and outreach  by being the hands and feet of Jesus.